About Leasing

What is Leasing?

Leasing is a right to use an asset (equipment, machinery, vehicles) with or without purchase option. 
If you are a legal entity  leasing is the best source of financing. Leasing company will purchase an asset for your business (equipment, machinery, vehicles), so you can save your time and free up your working capital for further development of your business.
Use the required assets, develop your business and then decide whether you will purchase the assets at the end of the Leasing period! While purchasing an asset, the leasing company deals with procedures related to purchase, transportation, customs, insurance, legal, administrative and logistics for you.
GLC is a financial liaison between customer and supplier. GLC helps both parties to achieve their business objectives.

What is the Leasing Asset?

Asset is what your business needs the most

  • Construction equipment;
  • Production lines and machinery;
  • Medical and aesthetic equipment;
  • Equipment for HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café);
  • Vehicles, trucks and trailers etc.