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E-FIX project

Finish Date - 2020-12-31 21:32:46

Georgian Leasing Company LLC is actively involved in a project named E-Fix, initiated and financed by EU. In total in the project 14 partner companies, from 6 countries are involved - Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Armenia and Georgia. E-Fix is 3 year project and implies support/creation of energy efficient equipment financing products on the markets. Our company sees a great benefit in energy efficiency in general for the country and we hope that with this project we can make at least one more step towards creation of better leasing/financing products, that will support energy efficiency. To make this project even more successful we are actively cooperating with our local suppliers, who are also very much interested in such financing mechanisms. There are two newsletters, where you can find updated information about the project and some piloting activities: E-FIX project E-FIX piloting activities