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Publish Date - 2021-08-12 00:53:45

We have great news for you in cooperation with ROOMBOX ! ROOMBOX manufactures residential homes, hotel rooms and office spaces from marine freight containers. Their modules are distinguished by the high quality of both the materials used and the performance. Ergonomic distribution of space in creating them is a top priority of ROOMBOX. The idea of ​​producing container houses appeared in 2018, however, the founders of the company, Archil and Irakli Lursmanashvili, started active research and planning in this direction in 2019. Irakli is a successful architect with over 25 years of experience, while Archil has been involved in finance and the commercial sector for over 12 years. The accelerated pace of life and various challenges are changing the needs of the user. People are more appreciative of being close to nature, trying to be able to live in a private house "today / now" without spending a lot of financial or time resources. All of this has contributed to a significant increase in the trend and popularity of container homes in many countries around the world. The goal of the company is to bring this trend and style to the Georgian reality, to offer the best to the customers, using time and financial resources rationally. For more information, visit the ROOMBOX website: